Hi Everyone!

Koru is a project to find the most comfortable athleisure wear that doesn't sacrifice style or functionality. There are many activewear and athleisure brands out there that are fantastic for looking good in the studio, but I personally couldn't find any that were made for comfort through the fabric and fit. I also found a lack of activewear brands that are light-hearted about being active and just moving around.

The Koru is a Maori symbol that signifies growth, strength, and peace--elements that I found essential in my own personal fitness journey. There was exercising and staying fit, and then there was the calmness and peace I got from growing into a better version of myself because of it. My experiences have taught me that:


  • There are many different types of bodies and each one is made to work in their own special way. Just because my body can't do something, doesn't make it any less perfect.
  • Having a community that supports you can change the whole game. It's true when they say, "if you want to go far, go together".
  • Have fun and laugh about the things you can’t do.


I wanted to combine what I needed, and what I've learned into a brand that is all about #growingstronger and #growingtogether. We need to spread more positive energy and support out there, and I hope that this little project can do that.